6 Benefits of Online Renting

Written by Manuela
6 Benefits of Online Renting

If you’ve ever rented out your property or have rented a property to live in yourself, you’re already quite familiar with the conventional system. So this time round we’d like to focus on what the online way of doing things can offer you. In this day and age, online home rental services are advantageous for many reasons for landlords and tenants alike, so it’s no wonder that they’re all the more in high demand! Listen up, whether you’re looking to rent out your place or searching for a new living space!

Save money

This is a very important and attractive reason! One of the main problems with the traditional method is the commission taken by the agent that is often quite high. In the online system, there are no agents or middlemen that can gain commission - there’s only the website in the middle that provides mostly free services. With Sqmeterz, for instance, there is no subscription or listing fee for landlords to list their property. Only 25% of the monthly rent amount is charged, and only once the property has been rented through the website. So in this case, online is definitely much more cost-effective than working with a property agency, while tenants can make use of the online service for free.

Save time

The website helps users to look for their ideal property with the help of filters such as desired price, location and property type or size. This can narrow down the search significantly, making the process much faster. At the same time, landlords have complete control over their listing and have the freedom to create and upload their listing in a matter of a few clicks. 

When it comes to signing the rental agreement, online documents are available instantaneously to both landlord and tenant. The tenant can read and review the lease in private, and it immediately gets sent to the landlord once it is signed online. The possibility of signing the agreement online is very convenient and it can be done from anywhere at any time.

Ease of access

What’s more, landlords are able to access their listing and modify and update it anytime. With regards to the rental agreement and other official documents, both landlord and tenant have access to these whenever and wherever they like on their smartphone or laptop. On the other hand, with a paper lease, the landlord might not provide a copy for the tenant and there’s a greater chance that the paperwork ends up getting lost.

Safety and security

Signing an online rental agreement digitally using an e-signature is safe and secure. The signer’s identity is verified and once someone signs the document, it is possible to track important information such as when the lease was opened, viewed, and signed. This makes the whole process more transparent for both parties. 

Ease of contact

The website offers both landlords and tenants the possibility to get in touch with each other via a messaging system. Once a tenant spots a property that they’re interested in, they can very easily get in touch with the landlord to book a viewing. It’s even possible to hold a virtual viewing - so no need to physically travel to the location in person! When everything is readily available and seen by both parties, there is much less confusion, misunderstanding and unnecessary back and forth communication, which speeds up the whole process. 

Ease of renewal

Once the rental agreement is signed and stored online, it’s even easier to renew it once it’s about to expire. All the landlord would need to do is send a new copy to the tenants with the updated lease dates (and any other changes that need to be made). The tenant can conveniently review it from the moment that it’s sent and lands in their inbox.