From house to home; 5 tips for staging the ideal rental space

Written by Manuela
From house to home; 5 tips for staging the ideal rental space
Whether you’re just about to rent out your property for the first time, or whether you’re a seasoned landlord, these 5 tips can help you turn your house or apartment into a move-in ready home that tenants will love and want to stay in! 

Keep it fresh

Even though tenants are fully aware that they are moving into a property where other people have lived before, they don’t have to be reminded about it everywhere they look. It’s a good idea to give your property a new coat of paint in between tenancies and get rid of items that create unnecessary clutter. Whoever is moving in next will surely appreciate that the house or apartment looks fresh, tidy and ready for them to make it into their own cozy home. 

Accessorize, but stay neutral.

Having said that, choose a wall colour that is subtle, easy on the eye and helps the space look bright and airy. White is always a safe option, but very light greys, greens, blues and other earthy tones help create an instant warmth without dulling the place. Avoid dark or too ‘loud’ shades that make the space look darker or impose a specific colour palette or style on the rest of the place. On the note of style, it’s good to include a human touch and add some accessories so that the place doesn’t feel bare, but make sure to strike a good balance and allow space for your new tenants to add their own ideas and items to the mix.

Install good quality furniture and fittings

It’s totally understandable that your rental property is a financial investment meant to help you make some extra money. But don’t fall into the trap of quickly filling up the place with inferior-quality interiors just to get on the market fast. Installing good quality furniture and fittings might take some shopping around and cost a little bit more at first, but it will definitely save you money and energy in the long term. Having your tenants regularly calling you up to report broken or malfunctioning items that need to be repaired will inevitably create inconveniences on both sides and eventually lead to a relationship of tension and mistrust.

Request a Home Guru

Great, you’re ready to put your property on the rental market! The next step is to make sure that you have a set of high quality images of your property that you can use when listing it online. The importance of good visuals cannot be stressed enough. People are not only attracted by price and location, but also by what they see. If your property makes a good first impression, it’s very likely to attract more interest and a higher probability of renting out fast. If you’re not that confident doing the task yourself, Request a Home Guru to capture a unique video tour, high quality images, digital floor plans, 360 walkthrough and more.  

Incentivise your tenant to stay longer

Now that you’ve provided your tenant with a space they love to call home, maintaining a good relationship with them is key. It’s not just the building and its interiors that make a tenant happy to live in a space - the landlord (that’s you!) is also part of the deal! Maintaining a relationship of trust and respect is mutually beneficial. If your tenants feel that they can approach you with any trouble they are having and that you take a genuine interest, it’s more likely that they will respect, care for your property and consider extending their contract. Happy tenants, happy landlord!